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Translation Exchange
Tower of Babel by Bruegel
New: Inclusive Outreach through Translation

In summer 2021 we launched a brand new project to explore how translation can be used to make university outreach as inclusive as possible. Click here to find out more.

Covid-19 statement

Our decision to found the Translation Exchange was driven by a desire to build a community of adults and young people who share a love of international literature and translation. As the Covid crisis has deepened, the opportunity to read, share and write with others has become more important than ever. In April 2020 we moved all of our activities online, and have been doing all we can to stimulate virtual conversation and collaboration. 
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For Oxford University students: how to get involved in QTE

If you’re interested in finding out more about QTE and how you can get involved, please fill out the form here.

About the Translation Exchange

The Queen’s College Translation Exchange brings together students, school pupils, teachers and members of the public for inspiring translation and literary experiences. Our mission is to bring multilingual creativity and culture to people of all ages, in particular to inspire young language-learners to continue with their studies through GCSE, A Level and beyond. 

We bring together expertise in literary translation and outreach within the College, University, city, and country to develop a broad programme of translation-related activities for students, schools, and the public.

An article about QTE on The Oxford Polyglot

We train students to deliver translation workshops to young people, develop virtual resources for learners across the UK, and run a major competition for pupils aged 11-18. With an emphasis on translation as a creative, inspiring, and aspiration-raising activity, these programmes channel the university students’ expertise in translation and their enthusiasm for language-learning and literature into enriching experiences for young people.

The Exchange has partnered with literary charity the Stephen Spender Trust and its ground-breaking ‘Translators in Schools’ education programmes to develop a unique training programme for students, and with Modern Poetry in Translation – also based at Queen’s – to develop resources for use in the classroom. The outreach training programme for students has been devised in collaboration with Shadow Heroes

Exchange events include an international literature book club, regular translation workshops, and a residency for an international writer. All of our events are open to everybody and are free of charge.

The Translation Exchange was founded at The Queen's College, as a collaboration between the Medieval and Modern Languages, Oriental Studies, Classics, and English faculties at the University of Oxford.







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